Insurance Risk
Sharing System

In a growing world, where technology is gradually blending with humanity, risks increases from the use of sophisticated equipment, high human-machine engagement etc. Bigger risk requires make better insurance policy but how do insurance companies absorb these huge sums especially when there is a claim?

IRISS collaborated with us to develop an identity which resonates with their aspira- tion to make insurance as less risky as possible.

Scope of Work

Brand Architecture
Messaging & Positioning
Logo & Identity
Visual tools

IRISS is a platform were huge Insurance is shared among insurance companies . IRISS simply means Insurance Risk Sharing System. The details of the name is summarized in the brand core.

Minimizing risks by sharing

IRISS cares about risk and goes all out to minimize risk. In partnership with GloApps, a digital platform including a web app and a mobile app was created to place all insurance companies in Ghana to share insurance huge insurance policies on the platform.

The logo shows a circle made up of lines with a platform in the middle. The flatform represents how IRISS breakdown risks and distributes risk to the various insurance companies while the lines represent the insurance companies with IRISS platform.

Also the logo is the iris of the human eye signifying IRISS oversight and scout for huge insurrance policies.

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