Healthy living is no more the boring cure for illness. Millenials now identify health as a lifestyle and as an everyday thing. Millenials go to gym, try to eat more organic foods, take in food supliments, do regular hospital checks and many more to stay fit.

We ask, what’s the inspiration?

Scope of Work

Brand Architecture
Messaging & Positioning
Logo & Identity
Visual tools

Numax, a cereal production company after so many years producing Granola needed to expand their product range and needed a brand refresh.

We started the process by digging deep into the vision of the founders for the brand and what ignited their passion to start. An intense market survey was also done to be able to define what Numax consumers look like.

After our brand audit, the odds showed that Numax was more passionate about making people more health conscious rather than selling cereals. We also realised that majority of Numax consumers where millenials who has very interesting reasons for patronising Numax other than just the product. Numax provided more consultancy about weight loss, sugar control and many more.

We therefore positioned NUMAX as an engaging health lifestyle brand rather than a cereal production company.

In the millenials market where boring is a ‘no’ ‘no’ ‘no’, we positioned the numax brand to make heathly living more of an exciting and trendy livestyle rather than the tradional perception of health.

We developed a tone of voice that speaks to the empowerment of people and making them confident.

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